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Where are you based?

I am based from my home studio in Miami 4220 QLD. I do travel for mobile bookings for groups depending on availability. Please email to inquire and receive a quote for your travel fee.

I'm fake-tanning before my event, should I tan my face?

I would recommend only a light layer of tan on the face. This is due to a few factors; a darker tan may develop throughout the day and alter the colour of the face/foundation. The face is usually slightly lighter than the rest of the body naturally, so I like to replicate this when using fake tan and makeup too. If you choose not to tan your face at all this is also totally fine, however if you are looking for a more natural, light to medium-coverage for your base, then I find the foundation matches and blends in better with a light tan, rather than none at all.

Should I arrive with clean or dirty hair for my makeup + hair styling appointment?

Please arrive with clean, dry hair before your hair styling appointment. Basic hair styling means I have limited time to create your desired style. Unfortunately when I am working back to back days, I won't have time to achieve a completed hair style if I need to spend majority of the allocated time blow drying the hair. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sleek up-style then I would recommend arriving with dirty/day old hair as this holds much better than soft, clean hair and also requires less product.

What styles are included in Basic Hair Styling?

Basic Hair Styling includes curls, waves, straightening, and straight, slick ponytails. No textured ponytails/ buns/ boho styles as these often take longer than 30 minutes. Please let me know or send me a photo prior to booking if you are unsure as to whether your chosen style may be considered a basic style. Please also notify me if you have extra long/thick hair as I may need to allocate extra time to your booking.

How do I pay the remaining amount on the day?

I accept cash and card (via square) payments. Please note I don't always have exact change available if you don't have the correct amount on hand. Afterpay is not accepted.

Should I get lash extensions or individual lashes?

In short, this is totally up to you. If you're wanting your lashes to last over a longer period of time, then lash extensions would suit you better, as individual lashes are a one-time use and are designed to be removed along with your makeup at the end of the day. Aesthetic-wise, I personally like the look of individual lashes better as they are freshly applied at the end of the makeup application and can have mascara applied to them, unlike lash extensions that can often hold onto eyeshadow fallout. I only carry individual lashes in my kit, but if you prefer a strip lash you're more than welcome to bring them with you and I can apply them on the day. Please note they must be new and in original packaging, not reused.

Can I get a lash lift before my appointment?

Yes! I can definitely work with lash lifts, however if you are looking to get individual lashes on the day, I would advise not to come with a lash lift. Due to the angle and curl of the lash lift, the individual lashes would sit very upright instead of straight and naturally curling on the ends.

Should I have a trial makeup appointment?

Bridal and formal trials are recommended if you are unsure or indecisive about what kind of makeup look you are planning on choosing for your big day. This is a great way to test out if you don't know how it would suit you, or how you'd feel in a certain look, especially for those who never wear a full face of makeup or haven't had their makeup professionally done before. Trials definitely allow for a smoother application on the day as we both know exactly what's expected, and don't need to discuss the look as much or check in throughout the appointment. However, they are not absolutely essential. A thorough consult will always be made at the start of every booking to pin-point exactly what you're looking to achieve. 


Do you travel?

Yes! I travel for group makeup bookings (hair styling available for smaller groups).

Please send me an email if you have a mobile booking inquiry, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with my travel quote and availability. Please note all online bookings are from my home studio in Miami, Gold Coast QLD.

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